Justice 20/20 Working Groups

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The Justice 20/20 Network has four working groups: Supporting Safe & Thriving Communities, Policing, Pre-Trial & the Courts, and Incarceration & Reentry. The working groups assemble a diverse group of stakeholders to strategize across issue areas where people typically operate in silos to holistically address the criminal legal system in Illinois.

Supporting Safe & Thriving Communities

The Supporting Safe & Thriving Communities Working Group works together to address the policy needs of communities that have been systematically divested from and helps support a community-led vision of a thriving neighborhood.


The Policing Working Group explores opportunities to build shared goals around addressing policing practices in the state and collaborates to share information across disciplines and strategies.

Pre-Trial & the Courts

The Pre-Trial & the Courts Working Group engages closely with other existing groups to address the challenges of practices and procedures with the goal of increasing efficiency and transparency for those experiencing the system.

Incarceration & Reentry

The Incarceration & Reentry Working Group supports efforts to decarcerate Illinois prisons and address policy issues impacting people who are currently or formerly incarcerated in Illinois.