Justice 20/20 Network

Welcoming those interested in changing the criminal legal system and building leadership capacity. The Justice 20/20 Network includes a range of changemakers, including community-led organizations, directly-impacted individuals, and law and policy organizations.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the three chartering organizations of the Justice 20/20 Network: Impact for Equity, CGLA, and ILJP.

The Steering Committee is responsible for managing the network by:

Maintaining the network's fidelity to its original purpose

Managing fundraising + operations of the network

Supporting the work of the co-anchor organizations to manage the work groups

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Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is composed of representatives from the steering committee, the co-anchors + their organizations, and other experienced organizations and stakeholders interested in coordinating the actions of the Justice 20/20 network.

The Coordinating Committee is responsible for ensuring the Network remains a space of action by:

Guiding the development of the overall strategic plan, synthesizing the different sections, and organizing the network to make progress on its goals

Advising on and supporting the work of the working groups

Coordinating, advising on, and supporting work between the working groups

Being the go-between the steering committee and the workgroups


The Anchors are stakeholders interested in addressing the harms of the Criminal Legal System.

The Anchors are responsible for moving forward the work of the Working Groups by:

Working with the Coordinating Committee to draft the strategic plan for each working group

Working with their Steering Committee co-anchors to build the agenda of each working group meeting

Recruiting members to the Working Group

Coordinating report backs from the working group

Being a part of the Coordinating Committee

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