Frequently Asked Questions

The Justice 20/20 Network works to address the harms of the criminal legal system and support the creation of community conditions that lead to “No Entry” into the system, including disrupting the cycle of criminalization and incarceration. The Network brings together a range of changemakers, including community-led organizations, directly-impacted individuals, and law and policy organizations.

A working group is a diverse group of network members who collaborate, share information and potential opportunities, build shared narratives, and strategize across issues to holistically address the criminal legal system in Illinois. 

The Network has four working groups that meet monthly: Supporting Safe & Thriving Communities, Policing, Pre-trial & the Courts, and Incarceration.  Additional meeting times may be set by members of the working group.

Each working group is led by an anchor. Anchors are organizations with extensive experience in addressing the harms of the criminal legal system.